Directors / Kevin Macdonald

director portrait

Kevin Macdonald is an Oscar-winning feature and documentary film director.

His films include ‘One Day in September’, a documentary about the 1972 murder of 11 Israeli athletes, which won him the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, climbing documentary ‘Touching the Void’, historical drama ‘The Last King of Scotland’, which won Forest Whitaker the Academy Award for Best Actor, and acclaimed documentaries on artists Whitney Houston and Bob Marley.   

In 2010, Kevin, with Executive Producer Ridley Scott, directed the crowd-sourced documentary feature ‘Life in a Day’. A partnership between YouTube, RSA Films, and LG electronics, ‘Life in a Day’ told the story of one single ordinary day and included scenes selected from over 80,000 submissions. Kevin and Ridley revisited the project for ‘Life in a Day 2020’ with the film premiering on YouTube in February 2021.  

Kevin has directed two projects for release early 2021. Feature documentary ‘Bruno v Tyson’ which charts the sensational highs and lows of two of the world’s most iconic black sportsmen; and Guantanamo Bay legal drama ‘The Mauritanian’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Jodie Foster, and Tahar Rahim.