Directors / Swann & Yoann

director portrait
French filmmakers and brothers Swann and Yoann Chesnel work professionally in art; Swann with special effects, and Yoann in graphic design and communication.  

After graduating from ArtFX school, Swann worked on animated films including Despicable Me 3, Secret Life of Pets, and Sing. Whereas Yoann focused on visual communication, becoming the Creative Director of a Parisian agency. 

Graphically obsessed, the duo’s experience in art direction, VFX, and design enables them to explore mixed media techniques to develop cinematic, emotional, and unique stories. With the diversity of their skill set positioning them to work flexibly as a duo and in a team, completing films from creative to post.  

In 2020, Swan and Yoann launched Thanksbro Studio to create visual content for brands and artists. Their first short film ‘Falling Down’, was made during lockdown using old travel pictures for inspiration and gained the brothers their first Vimeo Staff Pick.  

Swann and Yoann are currently based in Paris and Lyon.