director portrait

Starting his career in photography, Antony Crook’s work has been featured in The Face, Dazed & Confused, British Vogue, i-D, The Telegraph, and the New York Times, amongst others.

His subjects have ranged from David Hockney, to Snoop Dogg, to David Byrne, and his photographic prints are held in numerous private and public collections.

Crook transitioned into film om 2011, where his spare, subtle realism and poetic style quickly generated interest and partnership with brands including BMW, Samsung, Rapha, Adidas, Cadillac, Oakley, Wells Fargo, and New Balance, amongst others. 

More recently, he has been developing his love of both cars and storytelling, directing and editing a series of films for Porsche, entitled “Sound and Driven,” centered around Larrabee studios, the iconic LA music recording studio. Continuing his work with the car brand, Antony has made a series of films celebrating the union between Porsche and the New York City Ballet.  

Antony has also led major photographic campaigns, including for brands such as BMW, Oakley, Qatar Airlines, as well as impactful charity projects, such as Fight for Peace, a Rio de Janeiro charity that runs boxing gyms in the city’s notorious favelas.

Outside of his commercial work, Antony is currently working on his first documentary feature, a film centered on the Glaswegian electronic band and his long-time collaborators, Mogwai. 

He lives with his family in upstate New York.