Directors / Joris Debeij

director portrait
With a background in journalism, and having moved to Los Angeles, Joris Debeij became interested in film and the expression of the individual in a social/cultural context. "Connecting with people has been always a central part of my films, building bridges, perspective, these are the things I love to explore while making films. When I came to Los Angeles, I pursued the craft of journalism that segued me very naturally into making documentary short films. I wanted to explore a new culture, social system, history, that is around me.”

Joris’ filmmaking seeks to reflect the depth of character in a subject and to reveal their place in the broader scheme of a culture. He frequently works with non-actors, shaping their stories, focussing on a core, a message or value to reflect their truth. Regardless of what’s on trend, Joris’ filmmaking niche is using elements of realism, scripting, and biography in visual storytelling.